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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

The Honourable Commissioner for Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Mrs. Cecilia Bolaji Dada, has called for all hands to be on deck in the elimination of all kinds of Gender-Based Violence in our society.

She made the call at a two-day workshop on Gender-Based Violence organised for Boys and Men by the Ministry and held at the LCCI building, Nurudeen Olowopopo Road, Alausa, Ikeja.

Speaking at the event tagged, “Men Too Can End Gender-Based Violence”, Dada said that history of violence against women is enshrined in our culture and is as old as the history of mankind, hence, the need to focus our attention on educating boys, who would one day grow up to be men, on the dangers of violating the rights of women.

“Our most distinguished boys, we recognise your roles as the future of our great country and, therefore, want you to spread the message around that girls are not to be abused, violated or maltreated. You shouldn’t even raise your hands at your sisters and any girl around you, learn this early and you would be a great advocate of the protection of women. I urge you all to regard yourselves as ambassadors for the eradication of Gender-Based Violence in our society”, she added.

The Commissioner also called on men to educate their children by example, saying that every parent should become a role model and expose their children to the best practices in the home to achieve a healthy environment for them to grow.

“Lend your voice in the call against all forms of violence against women and girls, spread the messages in your various domains, schools, churches, mosques, workplaces and neighbourhood. Let us come together to create the change we all desire, violence against women is terrible and must stop”, she stated.

Facilitators also educated them on the dangers of violence against women, the legal implications and the Lagos State Government zero-tolerance for the social menace.


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