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George Washington University appoints Linus Idahosa board member

A Nigerian social entrepreneur and visionary Linus Idahosa has been appointed as a founding board member of the Global ESG Impact Investment Forum (GEIF) of the George Washington University.

“The appointment, a confirmation of Mr. Linus Idahosa’s global entrepreneurial credentials, is itself an opportunity to bring the important benefits and deep untapped potential of impact investing to Nigeria and Africa as a whole,” Adjunct Professor of Real Estate Investment at GWU Jefferey Stoddard said.

George Washington University’s School of Business (GWSB) regards has the brain behind Global ESG Impact Investment Forum (GEIF) forwarded by the School’s Institute for Corporate Responsibility and the ESG board which constitutes top industry leaders, present and past government officials, and scholars with a membership cap of just 30 members.

Idahosa, who is the CEO of Del York International Group, expressed his gratitude for how he has been honoured by the appointment and hopes to bring his “unique sectoral and regional experience” in utilizing the most of the opportunity.

He is intentional about building bridges between continents and has a track record of actively promoting the role of vocational skills acquisition in reducing unemployment, closing the skills gap and empowering the teeming population of young men and women on the African continent in a career spanning over 15 years.

Idahosa has been given several prestigious awards for his continuing role as a strong advocate for Africa’s Creative Economy and for his contributions to the many causes he believes in.


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