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Private Beach Resorts In Lagos.

Lagos is a beautiful, commercial mega-city in south western Nigeria. Private beach resorts in Lagos are some of the best and refreshing places you can go to escape the daily struggle and noisy environment that is typical of Lagos. There are many resorts in Lagos where you can go for your romantic getaways, holidays, and more, whichever you want.

Also, beaches have this peculiarity that people can’t really point at as the magical thing that makes them love beaches.

Could it be the sand, or how vast the sea looks, or the crashing waves, or the rawness of nature available at the beach? Everything about beaches are just so cool!

Beaches are indeed God’s amazing way of crafting and creating nature in an exquisite raw beauty.

Making a resort out of a beach was first started in the 19th century in the western part of the world. Since then, visiting the beach has always been something special and a top tourist spot for travel and fun enthusiasts, plus there are always loads of fun things to try out at the beach like horse riding, beach ball sports, snookers, and so on.

Also, at beaches, there are usually fantastic foods to eat! From Suya, to tasty and yummy small chops to drinks like Zobo, Kunu, Chapman, Wine stand, and so on!

Below are a few really amazing private beach resorts in Lagos, where you can spend your weekend, romantic getaway or holiday with you alone or with a friend or friends or with your lover!

This very large 65-acre beach resort is situated along Lekki-Epe Expressway, which is about an hour’s ride from Victoria Island, Lagos. It is well renowned as one of the best resorts in the whole of Lagos for an exclusive romantic outing. This amazing beach resort includes a fresh water lake, the mangrove forest, Savannah and fine sandy beach. You and your partner can engage in activities like hiking, swimming, hunting, fishing, canoeing, horse riding, snorkeling, beach football beach volleyball and so much more!

It is a very hospitable beach resort with very high taste luxurious facilities that will wow you, it also has beautiful accommodations to top it all up! The resort’s restaurant serves international delicacies with an exceptional Nigerian flair.

This beach resort is a total haven of handsomely refined elegance and luxury. The resort is situated on the serene banks of the famous Lagos lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean. The Inagbe Island which is where the resort is located, is about fifteen minutes from Victoria Island in Lagos by a refreshing boat ride.

The resort is amazing in its nature’s view. The customer service here is very excellent and the atmosphere is beautiful, serene and peaceful. The resort has different varieties of rooms ranging from one class to another. The rooms are indeed a sight everyone must behold.

The resort has a restaurant that serves purely international and intercontinental dishes! Same goes for their drinks as well. There are also so many different fun rides you can enjoy at the resort. Even for children.. There are also lots of fun and sporting activities to engage in.

La Manga Luxury Beach

If your idea of a quick vacation includes stunning beach scenery and luxurious accommodation in a quiet and private environment, then your go-to is La Manga Luxury Beach Villas in Ilashe Island, Lagos, Nigeria with its spectacular and mouth gaping view of the ocean.

La Manga Luxury Beach Villas is located along the Atlantic ocean and it is located along the island of Ilashe in Lagos. You will absolutely love this place.

La Manga beach villas is blessed with all amenities you could ever need. You will also be opportune to listen to the cool breeze of the sea.

Their goal at La Manga is to pamper and lavish their guests with second-to-none of relaxation and exceptional service!

La Casa, Ilashe

Located in Ilashe, an Oasis along Badagry Creek soaked in all affirmation of tranquility, La Casa is just 20 minutes speed boat out from Ikoyi or Victoria Island or 10 minutes from Apapa.

This private beach resort has lots of relaxation facilities to fully help you relax. The resort is packaged in such a way to ensure that you get the best of vacation and fun. They are dedicated to fully entertaining you with the wide variety of fun packages they have in stock for you.

EKO Tourist Beach

This beach is also called Akodo Beach, this exquisite beach resort is located at Kilometre 22, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ibeju, Lekki, Akodo, Lagos. It is about 5 minutes from the renowned Lekki Free Trade Zone and the International Airport, Lekki.

This private beach resort is loaded with lots of recreational facilities to add to the amount of loads of fun you will have before leaving the beach resort.


This beautiful private beach resort is located on a stretch of the Lagos coast, which is very close to Ikare Village in Badagry, Lagos.

This place is a lovely relaxation spot and it can be accessed only by boat, but it has so many great facilities and services that will give you an enjoyable beach experience and wow you beyond your expectations!


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