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LASPPPA Intensifies Enforcement Of Physical Planning Laws

The Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA) has indicated its commitment to enforcing the State's Physical Planning laws to the letter by ensuring that all physical structures conform to planning regulations. General Manager, LASPPPA, TPL Funmi Osifuye, who made this known while reviewing plans to implement reforms to ease the planning permit approval process, stated that the Monitoring and Compliance Unit of the Agency has been re-energised and re-invigorated to enforce the Approved Physical Development Master Plan across the State in line with the present administration's T.H.E.M.E.S. Agenda pillar of Making Lagos a 21st Century Economy He said, "As part of efforts to ensure Lagos State is developed according to the Approved Physical Development Master Plan, a lot of physical planning reforms and laws were put in place by the government in the building and property development sector. As an agency established to implement these reforms and laws, we are now more prepared than ever to enforce these regulations strictly without fear or favour". Osifuye disclosed that more Town Planners have been deployed to LASPPPA by the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development to ensure the implementation of reforms that will ease the planning permit approval process as well as aid enforcement of laws and regulations. "We have also strengthened and reorganised our Monitoring and Compliance Unit to ensure Statewide coverage enforcement. This will nip uneven and haphazard development in the bud, while at the same time availing the government a quality database to plan ahead for the populace. Also, in pursuance of these objectives, LASPPPA District Officers have been empowered to grant planning permit approval in line with approved standards", he noted. Submitting that these strategies are geared towards ensuring that structures are built in conformity with the State's Approved Planning Standards, Osifuye enjoined citizens, property owners, builders as well as developers to obtain valid physical planning permits from District Offices of LASPPPA. While noting that obtaining a physical planning permit is a must, before the commencement of any construction in any part of the State, the General Manager disclosed that the process of acquiring physical planning permit and stage certification have been made seamless for citizens, stressing that getting approval should not take more than a month, especially with the implementation of the reforms to ease planning approval process. He further revealed that the State Government has created an electronic planning permit platform to ease the process of obtaining a planning permit in order to enhance service delivery, imploring residents, builders and property developers to visit the Authority's website: https://epp.lagosstate. gov .ng/ to get started with the process of obtaining a planning permit.


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