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Lagos Sympathises With Residents Affected By Torrential Rainfall On Thursday

Lagos State Government, on Friday, sympathised with residents adversely affected or displaced by the torrential rainfall in the last few days. A statement issued by the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr. Tunji Bello, condoled residents whose property were damaged and those displaced by the flash flood after the rains. "Lagos is a coastal city, the heavy rainfall of Thursday, which had commenced on Wednesday, brought about a backflow from the Lagoon which caused the flash flood experienced across the State", Bello explained. He added that hours after the cessation of the downpour, the water level of the lagoon remained very high, causing the backflow that receded into several areas and allowed discharge from the various collectors. The Commissioner advised residents to be conscious whenever it rains and the high water level in the lagoon locks up the collectors, saying the resultant prevention of easy discharge ultimately leads to backflow of water into the streets. He, therefore, urged Lagos residents, especially those staying in low-lying areas, to always relocate from such areas during the rainy season, asserting that this has become imperative to avert any loss of life and property during such heavy downpour going forward. Bello maintained that the pro-active and on-going cleaning and clearing of all drainage channels in the State also contributed to the ease with which the flash flood disappeared into the channels after the rainfall of Thursday. He, however, implored Lagosians to desist from dumping refuse in drainage channels or encroaching on the Right of Way of canals, expressing disappointment that several of the canals recently cleared and cleaned up are again being littered by residents. The Commissioner emphasised that more of such heavy rains will come in July as well September, stressing the need for all residents to be adequately prepared.



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