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Lagos DMO Team Inspects Blue Line Light Rail Project

The Lagos State Debt Management Office (DMO) today, inspected the ongoing Blue Line Light Rail project, which is being partly funded with N87.5 Billion Bond series, to ascertain the level of progress in preparation for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) visit and also to ensure that the funds were properly expended. The Leader of the Inspection team and Permanent Secretary, Debt Management Office (DMO), Mr. Olujimi Ige, expressed satisfaction with the status of work done on the rail project, noting that the project was abandoned sometime in 2016 with the hope that the project will be restarted and ready for use soon.

He said the Light Rail project, expected to run from Badagry to Marina, will have several platforms for passengers to buy tickets, embark and disembark from the platform. According to the Engineers handling the project, the Mile-2 to the National Theatre section, which is Phase II and III is 98% completed, while Phase IV is from the National Theatre to Marina. He explained that some areas of the project platform are elevated (Iganmu to Marina), while some are on ground in the middle of the Lagos-Badagry Expressway.

The Engineers also stated that four stations have been completed, as well as other elements which include the tracks works, while work is still ongoing on the phase IV bridge works. The Blue Rail project is expected to improve connectivity between Badagry and Lagos in a more efficient way and less travel time. Images-FB/@followlasg


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