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The Lagos State Government has extended the distribution of its Food Relief Stimulus Package to the riverine communities of Epe and Badagry divisions respectively.

The exercise, which is coordinated by the Riverine Volunteer Team, is led by Prince Taye Oyefolu, popularly known as Town Crier.

A statement issued by the volunteer team disclosed that aside from distribution of the relief package items, the communities were also enlightened about measures put in place by the government to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at the grassroots.

The group emphasised the importance of social distancing as well as regular washing of hands with running soap and water in the fight against the deadly disease and advised grassroots communities to abide by the preventive measures of NCDC and the Ministry of Health.

The statement disclosed that “Aside from the sensitisation campaign, the Volunteer team will also carry out an extensive fumigation exercise to disinfect the entire riverine communities.”

Oyefolu gave an assurance that everybody will be carried along in the fight against COVID-19 to prevent the pandemic from spreading further and endangering lives within the State, especially in the local communities. 

While emphasising that awareness means prevention, Oyefolu said: “Once people know that something is dangerous to human health, they tend to avoid it”.

He thanked Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for being proactive in tackling COVID-19 as well as extending the food relief package to residents of riverine communities of Lagos State.

Source- Lagos State Government


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