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Lagos Directorate For Citizens' Rights Visits Inmates Of Ikoyi Correctional Centre

The Lagos State Directorate for Citizens' Rights, in collaboration with the Office of the Public Defender (OPD) and the Community Service Unit, on Tuesday, commenced its yearly visitation to Correctional Centres in Lagos State as part of its mandate to ensure that Awaiting Trial Inmates receive adequate legal representation. Speaking during the visit to Ikoyi Prison, the Director, Directorate of Citizens' Rights, Mrs. Oluwatoyin Odunsanya, explained that the team’s annual visits to Ikoyi, Kirikiri and Badagry prisons are carried out quarterly with the aim of ensuring that the innocent inmates, especially children under the age of 18 years are not unjustly incarcerated. She, however, noted that due to the prevailing circumstances caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the Directorate decided to visit the three prisons in one month, starting with Ikoyi Prison on Tuesday, Kirikiri Prison on Thursday, 18th June, and will be rounded up with the visit to Badagry Prison on Thursday, 25th of June, 2020. According to her, the Directorate regularly mediates between the Lagos State Government and Prison Authorities when necessary through its Prison Watch Unit, stressing that the purpose is to ensure that legal service is effectively provided to all residents of Lagos State irrespective of tribe, gender or religion. Responding to queries from the inmates, the Director and leader of the visiting team to Ikoyi prison, promised that the Office will commence work on each case from next week but advised the prisoners to be truthful and honest in their responses during all court appearances. The Deputy Controller of Corrections, Ikoyi Prison, Mr. Dare Opadeji appreciated the Directorate for its efforts on behalf of the prisoners, stressing that the visit was a relief to the prisoners and it will give the inmates hope that their eventual freedom will soon be realised. During the visit, the Directorate distributed gift items such as Antiseptic Soaps, Air Fresheners, Insecticides, Toothbrushes, Slippers, Hand Sanitisers, Shaving Sticks, Sanitary Towels, Detergents Soaps, Brooms, Facemasks, and other sanitary items to the inmates.


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