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Lagos Diaspora Destination- Whispering Palms Resort

Hey Lagosian!

Today’s focus is Whispering Palms!

Set in the beautiful town of Iworo/ Ajido off  the Badagry expressway, Whispering Palms gives you an opportunity to  experience the beauty of Lagos.

This laid back resort overlooks an amazing scenery with its own private zoo which has talking parrots! It also features well furnished rooms,  an outdoor pool, sports facilities, a restaurant.  

If you are looking to explore the beautiful town of Badagry, then Whispering Palms is a good starting point.

When you do visit, don’t forget to take the coconut water. Rumour has it that it has antioxidant properties that helps you deal with stress (wink!)

Here’s a video that lets you in on the beautiful sites in Whispering Palms!


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