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Lagos CJ Swears In New President & Members Of Customary Court

The Chief Judge of Lagos State and the Chairman, Judicial Service Commission (JSC), Hon. Justice Kazeem Alogba has sworn-in the newly appointed President and two members of Customary Courts in Lagos State, imploring them to conduct themselves in a manner that would inspire and confer confidence in the Court system.

In his remarks at the ceremony held in Ikeja, the Chief Judge said that as the Temple of Justice, the Bench cannot afford to have its credibility put to question because the strength of the Judiciary lies in the confidence of people who approach the courts for resolution of disputes.

He said, “I expect the new President and Members of the Customary Courts to be faithful to the Oath of Office which they took and dispense justice without fear or favour. You must strive to ensure fair, impartial and independent administration of justice so that each citizen is treated with respect, dignity and fairness in the application of our laws”.

Justice Alogba described the judiciary as the last hope of the common man, maintaining that those who approached the justice system for dispute resolution should leave knowing that the Courts were there for them, administering justice fairly and impartially, irrespective of whose ox is gored or the calibre of people involved.

While noting that the core functions of Customary Courts are the interpretation of the prevailing customary laws of the area and ensuring that justice is dispensed without undue regard to technicalities of the common law, he urged the new appointees to familiarise themselves with the customary court laws and procedures for effective and impartial dispensation of Justice.

The Chairman also disclosed that their appointments as Customary Court President and members were based on the wealth of experience, integrity and qualification, charging them to bring to the fore their invaluable experience, fresh insight and new perspectives to the judiciary as they discharge the obligations and responsibilities of the new office with the highest sense of duty.

Earlier, the Executive Secretary, Judicial Service Commission (JSC), Mrs. Olubukola Salami advised the new members to maintain a high standard of professionalism, competence and integrity in the dispensation of justice to all citizens, particularly at the grassroots, without fear or favour, affection or ill will.

She enjoined the appointees to observe ethics, decorum and comportment as Customary Court President and members while relating with lawyers who will be appearing before their courts.

The newly sworn-in Customary Court members at the well-attended ceremony were: Mr. Lukman Adelani Sanusi, President; Mr. Taiwo Oseni Bale (Member) and Mrs. Adetoro Adebola Oladapo (Member).


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