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Health Service Commission Commences Five-Day Basic Life Support Training For Health Providers

As part of efforts aimed at saving lives during associated ailments which often result in cardiac arrest, the Lagos State Health Service Commission has commenced the training on Basic Life Support (BLS) techniques for 500 personnel selected across public hospitals and cadres. Speaking at the commencement of the training programme held at the Lagos Island Maternity Hospital, the Permanent Secretary of the Commission, Dr. Benjamin Eniayewun, observed the need for first responders to get acquainted with Basic Life Support procedure, as part of moves to curb the sudden death of patients experiencing cardiac arrest. According to him, “Cardiac arrest is a sudden unexpected loss of heart function, breathing and consciousness, often resulting from an electrical disturbance of the heart; if not immediately and medically attended, could result in death”. “There is ample need for extensive knowledge on BLS techniques, through constant appraisal, such that it could be deployed as often as possibly required in order to avoid the death of victims if resuscitation procedures were duly administered by a competent health worker or individual”, he added. Dr. Eniayewun reiterated that some associated illness in society can induce cardiac arrest in any individual and can eventually lead to deteriorating condition, unless there is someone in the immediate environment with comprehensive knowledge of BLS technique to salvage the situation. While emphasising its relevance at enhancing medical aid amongst healthcare workers, the Permanent Secretary stated that the Basic Life Support process helps to save lives, stressing that all healthcare providers should inculcate the knowledge, irrespective of position or cadre, as a form of first aid treatment to preserve the victim’s life until help arrives. Also speaking at the occasion, the Deputy Director in the Directorate of Medical Services and Coordinator of the training, Dr. Shola Pitan, said the initiative was part of moves at improving the capacity of the trainees towards enhancing healthcare standards for all patients and residents of Lagos State. In his words: “There is a need to improve the capacity of healthcare providers in order to improve the growing medical demands of the ailing public. The participants at the programme, schemed under the American Heart Certified (AHA) standard, will be awarded Certificates of Practice valid for a two-year period”. The training entailed practical sessions by participants to enhance their mastery of the Basic Life Support techniques.



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