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El Salvador - Embracing Our African Heritage

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

...the existence of Caucasian and Afro-Salvadorians, historic West African diasporians that live in El Salvador makes us realize that "the Colour Of Your Skin Doesn't Always Define Your Origins".

I made this statement in a speech i gave when representing, Lagos State & the Nigerian in Diaspora Commission NIDCOM, at the Municipal Library in San Salvador where I was hosted by the Mayor of the City's Office for the Afro Descendientes series of events.

I was marvelled to find out that many people in El Salvador who appear totally white or brown-skinned have African heritage as a result of the fusion of cultures, intermarrying etc over the years, dating way back to the 1500AD when many West Africans men and women where brought in as slaves through the Pacific Sea to the region to work gold mines, indigo, cocoa farms and the construction of El Salvador.

I had the privilege of speaking at the University of El Salvador to students, city officials and individuals of African Decent (Afrodecendites).

I shared with them the richness of our culture, continent and the greatness they carry within them being African. They were really inspired and uplifted, haven discovered the pride and power of being African.

I feel totally fulfilled to have restored hope and dignity to many Africans in the diaspora. Surprisingly practically everyone in the group photo has African relatives and blood flowing in their veins. We Are One, We Are Afro Salvadorians.

For more Google Afro-Salvador and read

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