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“Discover the Inherent Abilities in your Children” – LASUBEB

The Chairman, Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board, LASUBEB, Mr. Wahab Alawiye-King encouraged parents to maximise the opportunity of the present Statewide closure of schools to bond with their children, monitor them closely and discover inherent abilities that they possess which would benefit the youths and the society at large. Alawiye-King, who gave the advice during an interview session on Radio, said that parents should positively impact the lives of their wards during this period.

He maintained that as much as the government is making efforts to ensure that learning continues in spite of the lockdown, major responsibilities still rest on parents to make the government’s initiatives achieve the desired outcome. The LASUBEB Chairman said, “The decision to keep the schools shut in spite of the gradual easing of the lockdown order was in the best interest of the children who may be disproportionately affected by measures that were taken to prevent the outbreak”. “We believe that it is when we are alive that we can learn, and being a responsible government that prioritises the health and life of its citizens, it became expedient for us to close our schools, in order to protect and ensure learning that continues without necessarily compromising the health of the pupils or exposing them to danger”, Alawiye-King emphasised. Speaking on the fate of pupils who couldn't finish their second term examinations before the closure of schools, the Chairman said "exams could be done at any time, the present situation we find ourselves wasn't planned for. It is a national and global disaster that no one has control over". He assured Lagosians that as soon as there is a decline in the spread of the pandemic and a pronouncement is made by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, schools will be reopened and academic activities would resume in an orderly manner. On the measures put in place to ensure that learning continues in spite of the lockdown, Alawiye-King informed that the Lagos SUBEB decided to expand the scope of its already existing interactive radio programmes to meet the specific demands of the present situation. He disclosed that plans are being perfected to make the radio programme ‘Live’ in order to encourage teachers, parents and pupils interact with one another.



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