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My good people of Lagos, greetings.

Yesterday, I broke to you the good news of the release 11 patients from our Biosecurity facility in Yaba who have fully recovered and tested negative to COVID-19. These patients have been released to the community and have reunited with their families.

Today, I am happy to break to you another good news; four (4) more COVID-19 patients, who have fully recovered and tested negative twice, consecutively, have been discharged from Mainland Infectious Disease Hospital.

These patients; one male and three females, including a mother and her infant baby, have been allowed to return home to their families. This brings to 23 the number of discharged patients in Lagos since we commenced our desperate battle against Coronavirus, the lethal disease that is ravaging the world.

I, on behalf of the good people of Lagos, express our profound gratitude to the health workers who are in the fore front of this battle and the Lagos State Ministry of Health, NCDC and W.H.O team for their resilience in the face of the daunting challenges confronting us in curtailing the spread of this pandemic.

It is a thing of joy that we have not recorded any mortality and we hope - and pray - that it remains so.

The encouraging words from the discharged patients is a motivation for us and we will not be deterred nor relent in our resolve to win and ensure #ADiseaseFreeLagos.

I, urge Lagosians to keep faith with us and remain steadfast as they stick to the rules of hand hygiene and social distancing.

I am confident that this will end soon and well for us, and triumph will be our watchword.

Thank you.

Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu

Governor Lagos State


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