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TESCOM Commences Virtual Verification Exercise For Pensioners

The Year 2022 Online Pensioners' Verification Exercise, launched by the Lagos State Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM), aims to update pensioners' records with the state government.

Recently in Ikeja, the Chairman of the Commission, Mrs. Olabisi Ariyo, announced this, stating that the annual exercise would also be used to delete details of deceased Pensioners who died during the previous year and to include the details of those who were removed from the payroll for failing to show up during the last verification exercise in order to pay their pension arrears.

She reaffirmed that the procedure is in line with the State's Pensions Policy, which calls for an annual audit of the Pensioners' List in order to update the Old Pensions Scheme's payroll for those individuals.

Ariyo added that Senior Citizens and Pensioners must be treated with the highest care and that this year's verification will be carried out virtually in accordance with current worldwide practice.


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