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Our Lagos, Our Festivals

Lagos is a busy port city built on a series of islands and surrounding land on the West Coast of Africa. It is the largest city and former capital of Nigeria and the largest megacity on the African continent in terms of population.  It is also the 4th largest economy in Africa.

Lagos is known for its diverse traditional festivals in the states, which are part of the cultural leanings of the citizens of the state. These festivals are of great importance to citizens and it attracts lots of observers and visitors who troops in to be part of these celebrations.

Eyo Adamu Orisa: This is the most important, most attractive festival in Lagos, it is staged as one of the ceremonies associated with the coronation or burial rites of a deceased Oba, Chief, and prominent citizens of Lagos State. It is associated with the Lagos Island Division of Lagos State.

Epo:  This is a ritual festival associated with the Epe division of Lagos State; the masquerade festival is performed to discourage Itinerant children (Abiku) from tormenting their parents. The Masquerade wears plantain leaf mask in order to show the Abiku that is it better to live than die.

Osi: This is another festival in Ejirin, Epe Local Government of Lagos State, it is celebrated annually. Osi means “ Ancestors”, thus it is usually done to offer sacrifice to their forefathers for peace and happiness in the town and it last for 28 days.

Agbo Remi Rere: This is another prominent festival in Lagos State, which is predominantly known with the Ikorodu division of Lagos State, though also celebrated in Langbasa area of Lekki. During the festival people are free to request for anything, more so if a theft case is brought before the deity, the culprit will be caught, it is usually celebrated every three years and it last for 9 days.

Gelede: This is performed annually in Ikorodu, it is a festival that symbolizes fertility and it is also used to correct social vices through satirical songs and dances. It is predominantly a female affair.

Sato: This is a special music and dance festival associated with the Badagry division of Lagos state. There is a twin giant drum placed in the middle of the town in which dancers form a circle about, turn and beat.  The drum is reputed to be brought from Dahomey by Tosavi Akarakumo.


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