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Local Markets In Lagos

Balogun Market

Balogun Ajeniya Market is located on Lagos Island in Lagos State, Nigeria.  The market has no particular address because it sprawls across so many streets on the island. Balogun market is recognized as the best place to buy fabrics, shoes, clothes and all sorts of wares. Balogun market is one of the most populated and patronized markets in Lagos, center for wholesales and retail buying and selling.

Balogun market is most patronized because of the affordable rate and variety when it comes to buying.


Alaba International Market

Alaba international market is an electronics market located in Ojo Lagos State, Nigeria. Looking for a place to buy your gadgets? This is the perfect place for you.  It is the largest electronics market in Nigeria. Apart from the sales of electronic products, the markets also deals in the repair of home appliancesThe market comprises of electronics and electrical engineers who specialized in the repair of faulty home appliances to transact businesses with dealers’ electronics. Alaba market is opened on a daily basis except on Sundays and public holidays.  

The Alaba market is definitely a major attraction for local and foreign investors as well as electronic dealers across Africa. This had expanded the market size and population with significant reflection on the economy of Lagos State.

Alaba market is most preferred because no dealer influences the price of the electronic products within the market, the market is characterized by huge numbers of sellers and buyers with willingness to buy the products at a certain price based on their need and income, enhancing long term adjustments to changing in the market conditions


Computer Village Market.

There isn’t anyone who lives in Lagos State and doesn’t know Computer Village. It is the most popular market known for sales of Information and communications Technology accessories. The market is located in a community called Otigba at Ikeja, the state capital. The market is considered the largest    ICT accessory market in Africa.

Apart from sales of Information Technology accessories, the market is also known for sales and repairs of mobile phones and computers software or hardware components depending on the compliant of the customer. The market is opened on a daily basis except on Sundays and public holidays. This daily business transactions and popularity has attracted new investors and ICT dealers across Africa thereby expanding the market size and population with profound effects on Lagos State economy.

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