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Lesotho's PM Thomas Thabane To Step Down

Lesotho's Prime Minister, Thomas Thabane, says he's no longer energetic and will step down in July as the country's leader, his office said Thursday.

Thabane, aged 80-year-old, whose official term ends in 2022, said he was leaving office voluntarily and retiring due to old age.

"The job of Prime Minister requires sensory perception as well as rapid and physical strength. Due to my age, I am no longer as energetic as I used to be. As such, I have decided to voluntarily vacate office and hand over the reins of Government in accordance with the laws of Lesotho," Thabane said

In the statement announcing his planned exit, Thabane appealed for unity, saying his decision to leave should not be used to score political points.

"To my colleagues in the political arena, this is not the time to divide our nation. This is the time for us to join hands and build our institutions as well as marshal our country to lasting peace and prosperity," Thabane said.

Source- CNN Image-


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