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Lagos Concept Stores


Lagos is the style capital of Nigeria as well as the country’s cultural and economic powerhouse. A vibrant and bustling city known for its diverse fashion and cultural richness mixed with deep rooted traditional values. As far as fashion goes, some stores in Lagos have added art into the shopping experience. Lagos’ Concept Stores are some of the most extraordinary in Africa, its unique, eye catching and relevant to what Lagos represents. Offering fashion lovers and almost everyone a different experience whilst shopping, everything from hand-made clothes to jewelry. There are a lot of concept stores in Lagos and increasing, but to mention a few there are:

Alara Lagos:

Alara is a fashionable, modern-day African store. This concept store sells everything from clothes to accessories and arts, it really embraces what the contemporary African represents. Supplying ready to wear clothes for men and women, different patterns and designs, accommodating every style variation desired from different designers such as Duro Olowu, Maki Oh and many more. They also sell different international designer wears such as Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino etc. In addition to Alara’s contemporary clothes and accessories, this store also provides arts and food, all these in the heart of Lagos. If you are looking for something modern perhaps you just moved back from the Western World and you want a bit of the African atmosphere, Alara is the perfect place.

Temple Muse:

Temple Muse is a superfluity lifestyle store that sells trendy clothes, accessories and home goods items. They provide the latest fashion wears and if you want a shopping experience mixed with luxury and still feel the African vibe, then this is the place for that. Perhaps you reside in Lagos and you want something different for an occasion rather than the normal traditional lace or ankara, and you want to snatch up that golden look, look no further, Lagos has just the place for you. Lagos State is a perfect destination if you want to feel the true African vibe and a splash of contemporary, from the food, to fashion, to landmarks and historical locations. Concept stores are for people who want something different and usual, not the norm, it’s a mixture of this and that but still has the heart of the African tradition firmly in place.



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