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Governor SanwoOlu Reveals Year 2023 Appropriation Bill

The Year 2023 Appropriation Bill, which will be

the final budget of our administration before the 2023 general elections, expresses our unwavering determination to keep serving the people of Lagos through our development agenda, while we uphold the trust and faith reposed in us by the people since 2019.

Of the proposed 2023 expenditure, N1.343 trillion would accrue from Internally Generated Revenues (IGRs) and federal transfers, while deficit financing of N350 billion would be

sourced from external and domestic loans, and bonds projected to be within the State's fiscal sustainability parameters.

The state would be earmarking an aggregate of N67.4 billion representing 3.98 per cent of the 2023 budget, to achieve the Government's social housing programme and provide

amenities across communities.

We are setting aside N339 billion capital (20.06%) to provide infrastructure in various sectors next year, while dedicating an

aggregate of N191 billion, representing 11.29%, to health and environment.

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