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From LasGidi To The World

Lagos is rich in its economic and cultural diversity. Lagos has spellbinding arts and music scene that will keep one fastened and attracted to the amazing talents, culture and art works it has to offer. You will have no other choice to want to visit the city fondly referred to as ‘Lasgidi’ which is Lagos. Tourism in Lagos can be seen as a major tool for development which is fast rising and making it a choice destination for tourists. That is why the present Administration in its THEMES agenda which E stands for Entertainment & Tourism. Lagos State economy can benefit immensely from tourism and the government can aid in raising funds for upgrading facilities to promote tourist attractions and help create job opportunities for indigenes and residents. Tourists need to make Lagos their next stop because it has an assorted flow of sacred cultures and traditions, entertainment mania, food, heritage sites as well as its nightlife and bubbling streets which would be mind blowing to tourists and diaspora at large.


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