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FG Warns Against Recycling, Sharing Of Face Masks

The Federal Government has cautioned Nigerians against recycling and sharing of face masks in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, saying such actions would only cause more infections. Chairman of the Presidential Task Force and Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Mr. Boss Mustapha, said except for fabric masks, every disposable mask that has been used once, becomes a hazardous medical waste.

He made this statement on Tuesday during the daily briefing of the Presidential Taskforce PTF on Covid-19. He said; “The PTF has become aware of the on-going practice of sharing masks and picking of masks for recycling from dumpsites. This places a lot of responsibility on all of us to be self-educated and to educate others. The following points are emphasized: ​"Except for fabric masks, every disposable used mask is a​hazardous medical waste and should be disposed of properly, preferably by burning; “It is very risky to share masks as the virus is capable of remaining on surfaces for several hours and you could get infected; “The unhealthy practice of picking up disposed masks for whatever purpose is harmful to both the individual picking it and whoever procures it later. "Particularly, it will be helpful for high-risk people such as the elderly and those with comorbidities, to wear masks or face covering and avoid crowded places. As we reminded you earlier, please keep grandchildren away from their grandparents to avoid any transmission. Most importantly, emphatically say no to stigmatization".

He advised the state governments to align their policies with those at the federal level, reminding them that the virus does not respect boundaries or status.

"The PTF continues to urge State governments to align their actions and enforcement with the guidelines provided. The virus does not respect boundaries neither does it respect status. All-State Governments are therefore urged to strengthen their monitoring and enforcement machinery in collaboration with the security agencies. Let me emphasize that we have seen visuals on social media depicting total disregard for physical distancing in some locations. This is a dangerous journey towards uninhibited spread if not checked. The PTF is consulting with the authorities of the identified areas to review their strategies. Source-



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