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Aswani Market is a popular Market on the Lagos Mainland along Mile 2 – Oshodi Axis. It’s located in the lsolo Local Government, it is popular for it’s second hand clothing

Aswani Market is just like every other market where you get everything and anything, the only difference is that Aswani Market only opens on Tuesday.

The most interesting part in all this is that you get all the things stated above and more at a discounted price and i think this is what makes the market unique because all the people that comes to sell have their shops where they sell, they only come to sell at a discounted price on Tuesday

Aswani Market is divided into Segments just like every other but it popularly known for it’s thrifted clothing (okrika or bend down select) like we call it

Getting to the Market, if you enter from 5 star the first place you are going to see once you enter the gate is where they sell children accessories like crowns, beads, see etc. before you finally reach the thrift market.

You can either walk down or turn depending on what you want to buy.. If you walk down you are going to the thrift section but if you turn left you are going to the new clothing, earrings,chains and sewing materials section

When you turn left and walk down, you will see where they sell shoes and sewing materials and you get all at a discounted price

You will get thrifted shoes/boots from as low as #50, bags from as low as #100. When you walk straight down inside the market you get to the section where they sell Ankara, Lace, School Uniforms, all the clothing Material you need, just name it, you’ll get it inside the Market and right behind them is where they sell foodstuffs

Aswani Market is popularly known for it’s thrifted clothings and right behind all the things stated is a different world entirely, the world of thrift clothing and you can get anything and everything you can find in a thrift market there and all at an unbelievable prices

In the middle of all this thrift market, you will see where they sell new bags and shoes at a ridiculous price even earrings they sell for #500 each, you’ll get it for 3 for #500



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