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4000 British Citizens Seek Evacuation From Nigeria Over Coronavirus.

Worried by the increase in coronavirus cases in Nigeria, 4,000 United Kingdom citizens in the country have applied to be evacuated back to their home country.

The application came after death toll from coronavirus cases jumped to 3,600 in the United Kingdom, an increase which has forced Queen Elizabeth II to approve a State-broadcast in order to douse the tension among the citizens.

Statistics of British citizens seeking to return home was released on Friday by the High Commission in Nigeria.

While appealing to the stranded citizens, the High Commission stressed that the evacuation program was for citizens that were in the country on a short-term visit.

In the statement released on its official social media handle, the commission hinted that evacuation plans were already been intensified including a direct flight to United Kingdom.

“We know short-term British visitors in Nigeria are anxious to get home. We are exploring all available flight options (including direct flights) and will communicate details soon as we can as we work around the clock to support British in Nigeria affected by COVID19.

“We fully understand the anxiety many of you face around COVID19. Our offer of help is to stranded British travellers who aren’t long term residents in Nigeria. Over 4000 people have expressed interests in return flights. We’re working around the clock to support you all”.

by Monsuru Olowoopejo


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