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Lagos State Trusted Developers Initiative.

The Lagos State Trusted Developers Initiative is designed to safeguard diaspora investors in the built environment. Prioritizing transparency, regulatory compliance, and unwavering integrity, the initiative ensures high standards in sustainable practices and trustworthiness. This framework offers a reliable path for diaspora investors, fostering a community-centric and credible ecosystem for informed decisions and successful real estate investments in Lagos. Welcome to a trusted and secure avenue for diaspora investment in the built environment.


Benefits Of  Registring With Us?

1. LASRERA Endorsement: Our developers are endorsed by the Lagos State Real Estate Regulatory Agency, ensuring professionalism and compliance.

2. Streamlined Approvals: We guide you through regulatory processes, making your investment journey smooth and efficient.

3. Trusted Developer Registry: Explore our curated list of pre-screened developers committed to excellence and compliance.

4. Investor Education Portal: Empower yourself with resources on Lagos real estate regulations and investment guidelines.

Trust Star Rating Model 

Evaluate developers based on:

- Transparency (T): Clear communication and digital updates.
- Regulatory Compliance (R): Adherence to regulations and timely approvals.

- Unwavering Integrity (U): Consistent ethical behavior and professional standards.

- Sustainability Practices (S): Eco-friendly development and sustainable construction.

- Trustworthiness (T): Reliability and credibility in actions and commitments.

Lagos State Trusted Developers Initiative 5 Star Rating:

- 5 Stars: Exceptionally Trusted
  - Outstanding transparency, regulatory compliance, unwavering integrity, sustainable practices, and high trustworthiness.

- 4 Stars: Highly Trusted
  - High transparency, regulatory compliance, integrity, sustainable practices, and high reliability.

- 3 Stars: Moderately Trusted
  - Satisfactory transparency, regulatory compliance, integrity, some sustainability, and general reliability.

- 2 Stars: Somewhat Trusted
  - Limited transparency, occasional regulatory struggles, inconsistent integrity, minimal sustainability, and reliability concerns.

- 1 Star: Least Trusted
  - Lacks transparency, frequent regulatory non-compliance, little integrity, no sustainability focus, and significant reliability and credibility concerns.

Diaspora investors can use this concise model to assess and choose developers based on their level of trustworthiness for real estate investments in Lagos.

How to Start Your Trusted Investment Journey

1. Explore our Trusted Developer Registry.
2. Visit our Investor Education Portal for essential resources.
3. Choose LASRERA-endorsed developers for credibility.
4. Engage with community-centric and sustainable development projects.


Invest with Confidence, Invest with Lagos State Trusted Developers Initiative.

For more information on getting a trusted developer or becoming one,  send an email to-


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