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LASG Reiterates Commitment To The Wellbeing Of Youths

The Lagos State Government has reiterated its commitment to the development of youthful policies, just as it assured them that the present administration remains passionate about the wellbeing of all youths in the State. The Honourable Commissioner for Youth and Social Development, Mr. Segun Dawodu stated this while speaking on the T.H.E.M.E.S Agenda during his appearance on a Yoruba programme “Aseye” on Radio Lagos 107.5 FM on Tuesday. He explained the determination of the State Government to give a voice to the youth population by focusing on the development of different programmes that take the wellbeing of the youth into cognisance. While maintaining that the government is not oblivious of the fact that youths are faced with numerous challenges, he affirmed that the present administration is making frantic efforts to ensure that they take their pride of place in the society, adding that the government has put in place numerous empowerment programmes to better the lives of youths as well as make them self-reliant. “Part of the present government drive is the provision of skills acquisition centres in the State as well as empowerment programmes to better the lives of youths. We have also set up a graduate employment scheme in which 2000 job seekers will be selected for a six months internship programmes at different corporate organisations in order to acquire the necessary skills to enhance their capacities. The present administration will be paying them wages as a way of stimulating their interest”, Dawodu stated. The Commissioner explained further that the initiative is in conjunction with the Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment, noting that the scheme will help boost the selected candidates' Curriculum Vitae (CV) for future employability purpose or enhance their entrepreneurship start-up if they so desire. Dawodu also pointed out that priority has been given to youths who want to seek start-up loans from the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) for their business, stressing that the Ministry is also working in conjunction with the State Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture to create an environment whereby youths that are skilled in entertainment can be projected. In his words: “We are looking at ways in which youths who are skilled in music can be projected and their demo tracks given to producers and deejays for sampling in broadcast houses. This, we believe, will go a long way in showcasing their talents and projection to the world”. The Commissioner also enjoined youths in the State to stay away from crime and all kinds of societal ills that may hinder their progress and development while imploring them not to allow peer pressure to make them engage in illegitimacy.


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